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Harold Morioka

After wearing out his knees training six days a week and breaking 100 Canadian records throughout the years, Harold Morioka, a world championship runner, turned to Westcoast Naturals'® Joint-Q for help. One open heart surgery and five knee operations later Harold Morioka is back on the track at age 69 to compete in the 2013 Brazil World Championships.

At age six, Morioka and his family relocated from the Japanese internment camp where he was born, to a farm in Surrey, British Columbia. Fast forward long days working on the farm and an abundance of fresh, healthy food to twenty years later. It wasn't until Morioka was coaching secondary track in his late twenties, when he realized he could outrun even his fastest students. At age 29, Morioka entered a 100 metre race at the Simon Fraser University track meet - and finished second.

Within a span of twenty-eight years, Harold Morioka has set over 100 individual Canadian records, twenty-two of which are still standing today. He is the only athlete in the world to break world records for all distances from 60m to 800m.

As can be expected, his body began to reflect his impressive athletic achievements. His knees began to show the wear and tear of hard, dedicated training. In 1997, Harold Morioka began taking Joint-Q. This Westcoast Naturals joint and bone supplement is a factor in the building of healthy cartilage. "Joint-Q keeps me going," explains Morioka.

When he's not racing, Harold, age 69, coaches The Greyhounds, a masters athletics club in BC. He is also currently training for the 2013 Brazil World Championships which take place in October.

Westcoast Naturals is proud to sponsor Harold Morioka, an inspirational Canadian athlete and motivational leader of the west coast community.